Research Scientist Assoc., karst paleoclimate - Austin, USA

A Research Scientist Associate is being sought at the University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA.


This position has two main components:

1. Conduct and support geochemistry research in karst paleoclimate and urban hydrology, and
2. Organize and facilitate interdisciplinary research in UT’s Environmental Science Institute.

Essential functions

1. Coordinating interdisciplinary research initiatives, and
2. conducting scientific research and assisting students in their research.

For (1), developing, coordinating, and writing interdisciplinary, team-based grant proposals in support of ESI's research, educational, and outreach activities. Assist in the management of the Environmental Science Institute. This includes organization of staff activities. Assist with special events and other duties as assigned.

For (2), research investigations are primarily geologic and geochemical involving analyses of trace elements and stable and radiogenic isotopes in waters, soils, rock and gas. Research areas include caves, aquifers, surface water, urban environments, climate, and the paleo-environment.

Field and laboratory work are required. Writing of scientific papers to disseminate research results is essential. Supervising undergraduate and graduate research assistants in the Environmental Science Institute. Supervising research and laboratory activities of employees, graduate students and undergraduate students. Driving a UT and personal vehicle is an essential function of the position.


The position is available immediately.

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Further information

For further information, contact Jay Banner: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.