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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
The glade effect: Vegetation openness and structure and their influences on arboreal pollen production and the reconstruction of anthropogenic forest opening
Special issue articles
Feeser I & Dörfler W Anthropocene 2014
Human impact on low-land Vellayani Lake, south India: A record since 3000 yrs BP
Special issue articles
Veena MP, Achyuthan H, Eastoe C & Farooqui A Anthropocene 2014
Using palaeo-environmental proxies to reconstruct natural and anthropogenic controls on sedimentation rates, Tell es-Safi/Gath, eastern Mediterranean
Special issue articles
Ackermann O, Greenbaum N, Ayalon A, Bar-Matthews M, Boaretto E, Bruins HJ, Cabanes D, Horwitz LK, Ne... Anthropocene 2014
Quantifying the anthropogenic forcing on soil erosion during the Iron Age and Roman Period in southeastern France
Special issue articles
Notebaert B & Berger J-F Anthropocene 2014
From natural to human-dominated floodplain geoecology – A Holocene perspective for the Dijle catchment, Belgium
Special issue articles
Broothaerts N, Verstraeten G, Kasse C, Bohncke S, Notebaert B & Vandenberghe J... Anthropocene 2014
Assessing change in floodplain wetland condition in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia
Special issue articles
Gell P & Reid M Anthropocene 2014
Estimating fluxes in anthropogenic lead using alluvial soil mass-balance geochemistry, geochronology and archaeology in eastern USA
Special issue articles
Stinchcomb GE, Messner TC, Stewart RM & Driese SG Anthropocene 2014
Natural and human-induced prehistoric and historical soil erosion and landscape development in Southwestern Tennessee, USA
Special issue articles
Dotterweich M, Ivester AH, Hanson PR, Larsen D & Dye DH... Anthropocene 2014
Introduction: Quantification of human–environment interactions in the past
Special issue articles
Verstraeten G Anthropocene 2014
MIS 5a and MIS 3 relatively high sea-level stands on the Hatay–Samandağ Coast, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey
Special issue articles
Doğan U, Koçyiğit A, Varol B, Özer İ, Molodkov A & Zöhra E... Quaternary International 2012
Decoding last interglacial sea-level variations in the western Mediterranean using speleothem encrustations from coastal caves in Mallorca and Sardinia: A field data -- model comparison
Special issue articles
Tuccimei P, Onac BP, Dorale JA, Ginés J, Fornós JJ, Ginés A, Spada G, Ruggieri G & Mucedda M... Quaternary International 2012
Recent environmental changes and human impact since mid-20th century in Mediterranean lakes: Ifrah, Iffer and Afourgagh, Middle Atlas Morocco
Special issue articles
Damnati B, Etebaai I, Reddad H, Benhardouz H, Benhardouz O, Miche H & Taieb M... Quaternary International 2012
Extreme rainfall years in Benin (West Africa)
Special issue articles
Yabi I & Afouda F Quaternary International 2012
Neogene/Quaternary boundary in the coastal basin of Togo
Special issue articles
Costa PYDD, Tairou MS, Johnson AKC & Affaton P Quaternary International 2012
Estimation of suspended sediment transport in the Kebir drainage basin, Algeria
Special issue articles
Khanchoul K, Boukhrissa ZEA & Abdelhak Acidi RA Quaternary International 2012